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Here’s how to get leads coming to you!


Text Marketing is clearly one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to successfully promote your business!  It is so powerful because the open rate is nearly 99% – just think about it – almost everyone has a cell phone.  When someone receives a text message, they open it usually within seconds or minutes.  Text marketing is a PROVEN marketing technique!

There Is Only One TEXTING PLATFORM That Allows You To Send Messages Without Having Your Own Mobile List & That Follows All The Requirements Of The TCPA –  If you’re in a hurry See What’s Included Here

Our SMS System is AWESOME –  Follow Along

First, you get an SMS mobile phone number that you can use in all of your business promotions. In short, you create audio messages that your prospects will hear, and auto-response/outgoing text messages.

The moment prospects call or text your mobile number – an auto-response, personal text message is sent to them.

You also get 3 other bonuses that no other platform offers!

PLUS 100% Commissions: You get paid 100% commissions on each sale of the ONE-TIME $20, or ONE-TIME $29.97 for the SMS Voicemail Prospecting System. You get paid immediately via Stripe – which deposits the money into your bank account.

How would you like to SMS Market 200 FRESH LEADS Per Day?

Our SMS Text Marketing Blaster –
This is the second part of the platform. This is an optional upgrade.

The SMS Text Marketing Blaster follows the TCPA federal law and regulations. It does not allow you to import leads, the “opt-out” feature is handled automatically and internally, and the appropriate texting times are followed.

The blaster is extremely easy to use. You simply login to your back office to use it. You can send one text blast per 24 hours – in the window of the appropriate texting times.

All of the mobile leads are INCLUDED! The leads are scrubbed, verified, fresh mobile leads. They are unique to you, and they are compliant. Meaning, these leads (people) have given their permission to receive your text messages.

This is HUGE! This means that you do not have to worry about where and how you are going to find compliant mobile leads to buy over and over again!

You do not have to purchase any phone numbers to text from – as is the case with other platforms. This is included in the cost.

When you are ready to send out a text blast, you login to your back office – and you type out your message. You do not have to add, “STOP to opt-out” in your message. As mentioned above, the opt-out requests are handled automatically and internally. Then, you click on a button to send.

You can make affiliate commissions for any packages that you sell. These are recurring monthly commissions. You get paid immediately via Stripe when the re-bill occurs.

There are no contracts. You can cancel at any time.

There is NO Offer like this Anywhere! Grab it today and start getting Signups and Sales! Go here and Grab this Now!

As always, I am here to help you get started and answer your questions!

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